About us

The company was founded under the authority of the Kurdistan region/Iraq and established on 24th of December 2019.

Middleton is a specialized company works in the health and medical field, It markets medicines, devices, and medical supplies for various health sectors, public and private hospitals in various governorates of Iraq and Kurdish pharmaceuticals, as well as healthcare sectors which interested in providing the community and health sectors with the finest service . We are the representative and an authorized distributor for many regional, European pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies.

Middleton Co. is dealign with the following numbers:

  • More than 6000 Pharmacies in All of iraq.
  • 800 pharmaceutical drug stores In All of iraq .
  • More than 300 Direct Aesthetic Costumer.


To seek the real market demand and afford it by presenting top-quality products from the best international pharmaceutical companies with affordable prices to create a healthy environment in the Iraqi market.


Quickly gain recognition in the Iraqi market and become one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies, this is complemented by efficient leadership, highly skilled employees and a wide range of products.


International standards of professionalism. Passionate and compassionate care. Integrity and accountability teamwork & diversity. Active contribution to our community.